Labor of Love


Apr. 28, 2011

A few weeks ago I contacted one of our homeowners and asked if I could stop over and take a few photos of the corners on his home.  You see, I have been working on a new website for Expedition Log Homes and wanted to give a better visual representation of the beautiful corners that we have to offer.

The home I was visiting had been delivered several years ago, and my expectations were that it was completely done.  Our customer, Don B, agreed to let me come over and offered to give me the grand tour.  Don is a very private person, and he does not open his home to many people, so I was honored that he offered to share it with me.

Although I was surprised that there was still work to be done inside the home, I was immediately struck by the amount of thought and care that had gone into every aspect of finishing his home.  It was clear to me that this life-long dream was also a labor of love.

Don’s parents had instilled in their children a great love for wood.  He showed me the clocks his Dad had made from the butternut trees on the property and explained how he wanted to use the same process to make the bar-top in his family room.  He pointed out the butternut paneling that covered the ceiling over the bar.  Rustic and full of worm holes it added to the cozy and comfortable area he was creating.  Don told me that he could feel the presence of his parents in that place.  In that moment, I did as well.

As I drove away, I reflected on how simply wonderful Don’s home made me feel.  I also thought about the fact that four years later he was still working on the most personal and special places in the home.  That is when it occurred to me – it was his labor of love.  And the Expedition Log Homes website was mine.  Unlike Don, I plan to share it with the world and hope that we can inspire others to pursue their own labor of love.


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