Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do your homes cost? The cost will vary by the size of log, corner style and the component choices you chose for your home. 

  • What’s all included in your package?  All the materials for the weather-tight shell including roofing, framing, windows, doors, sub-floors and insulation as well as the finish knotty pine, structural and decorative beams for cathedral ceilings.

  • What is the cost per sq. foot for your homes?  Cost per sq. foot can vary based on the amount of elevated porches and decks you have on the home, the number of dormers, snow load of the area your building in and the size of species of log, corner style and components you choose for your home.  Cost for the same square foot home can vary quite a bit depending on the design and choices you make.

  • What species of wood do you supply?  Depending on the log style - the majority of logs we supply are Northern white and red pine and Northern white cedar.  We also have product available in Lodge Pole Pine and Western Red Cedar.

  • What does it cost to build your homes?  You determine the overall cost by the finishing products you include in your home (hardwood floors, granite counter tops, etc.)

  • Do you supply a builder?  No, but if you’re building in an area where we have a representative or current home owners we might be able to supply names of builder’s previous home owner’s used for their home.  We feel it’s important for you to choose the builder after seeing their workmanship and references.

  •  How much does it cost to ship my home?  Whenever we’re quoting pricing to you it includes shipping to your building site.

  • Do you supply blueprints?  Yes, we supply full construction blueprints.  Engineer stamp for the state you are building in available upon request.

  • Can I work directly with the home office?  Yes, we work in conjunction with our area representatives and rely on them for taking care of you in the field, to walk your building site, help you with local resources, places to check for financing.  They’ll also be on the job site for delivery to take inventory and to check to make sure that all materials are received in good condition.

  • Where are log homes built? Both in rural areas, country sub-divisions as well as more metropolitan areas – Where ever you want to build one!

  • How do I get started with the log home building process?  If there’s a representative in your general area visit their model and sit down to go over building ideas or plans you’re working on.

  • How long will it take to build my log home?  Time frame will be determined by the size of your home and the builder you choose, the number of people he has on his crew and how many projects he’s working on at a time.  Time frame can take 6-9 months or longer depending on the size of the home.

  • Do log homes have a lot of maintenance?  All wood needs maintenance; it’s no different than cedar siding.  How often you’ll need to re-stain will be determined by the location of the home (in a shaded lot or full sun exposure) the type and color of stain and the amount of pigment it has in it.  Will it be a solid color or semi-transparent. 

  • Do log homes shrink or settle?  Full log homes do, half log or hybrid homes don’t because the framing material is the structure and the logs are basically attached as a siding.

  • Are the logs treated with anything? Our logs are treated with a mildicide that is a mold inhibitor and keeps the logs from discoloring while on the job site after they’re delivered.  The dip solution has an effective time of about six months and will retard mold & mildew growth during that time provided the logs are stored properly.

  • Where do your logs come from?  Midwest and West Coast.  The vast majority of the raw timber we purchase comes off managed forest units here in the state of Wisconsin. Other areas where we may source logs depending on what we are in need of would be the upper peninsula of Michigan and the state of Minnesota.

  • Does cedar cost more than pine?  Yes, because of the availability of the product.  Cedar is a slower growth wood and harvested during the winter when the cedar bogs are frozen over.  Depending upon availability the cost can come in at 5-20% higher than pine.

  • Are kiln dried logs better?  Yes, because it’s a more stable product.  By kiln drying we’re setting the pitch with the high temperature used in the kiln and the moisture content is brought down to around 19%.  It also kills any insects or larva that might be in the wood.

  • What kind of foundation do I need for my home?  We typically show a 10” thick foundation (whether its poured or block).  The soil conditions and foundation wall height will determine the thickness of the foundation wall.

  • Are your logs graded?  Yes, we visually stress grade all our logs that are deemed as structural. All support posts, tie beams, porch headers, structural log rafters, structural purlins, structural log floor joists and structural full log wall logs are all graded using log home industry standards. Individual logs are assessed using criteria derived from ASTM 3957. Numerous characteristics are taken in to account when determining the grade of a particular log. Slope of grain, knot size, amount of knots, type of knots, shake, checks, splits, holes, decay, warp, out of round and taper are but a few of the categories used in the assessment. All graded logs are then marked with a grade mark and recorded on a Certificate of inspection, which accompanies the logs to the job site. Two copies of the COI are included, one copy for the homeowner and one copy for the building official.

  • Is there a cost for doing a custom plan?  Most of the homes we supply for our customer’s are either complete custom plans or modifications to an existing plan.  There’s no additional charge for us to do custom plans, but if an order is cancelled after plans are already done the customer will be charged cancellation fees, engineering fees and design fees.

  • Do you belong to any national trade associations?  Yes, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the Wisconsin Builders Association, our local Home Builders Association, the Great Lakes Kiln Drying Association and the Chamber of Commerce.

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