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Vacation Days

Palisade Dining Room     Palisade Exterior Lake View

 Log Cabin Homes - May 2017

 A self employed Massachusetts couple carves out time, and a place to kick back, in idyllic Bridgton, Maine.

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Legacy Begets Legacy

Golden Oaks Great Rom     Golden Oaks Exterior Prow

Log Cabin Homes - September 2013

A new family home with a country sensibility is welcomed to farmland held for generations.  "Our client chose full logs for their family house," says Dennis Davis, project manager for RJ Dailey Construction, "believing the aesthetics would make the proper statement about family and farm vaues:  strong, stable and, most of all, enduring."

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Floor Plans: Rustic Appeal, Modern Amenities a Beautiful Blend in Jefferson City, Missouri

 Hillview Exterior     Hillview Great Room

Nations Building News - Front Page May 2, 2011

Modern amenities blend with the appeal of historic and rustic architecture in The Hillview, an award-winning, custom- designed 3,167-square-foot log home in Jefferson City, Mo., that the owners plan to enjoy as they grow older.

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Home on the Ranch

Poplar Bluff Exterior Pool View     Poplar Bluff Master Bedroom

Log Home Living - January 2011

Ever since he was five years old, Larry has lived on his family's 80-acre ranch in east-central Oklahoma.  When he and Dana planned for their retirement, they saw no reason to move anywhere else.  They'd lived in the same home on the ranch for some 25 years, but now they just wanted more space - and a log home.

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Rekindling Summer Memories

Nicolet Dining Room     Nicolet Exterior

Log Home Living Annual Buyers Guide - 2011

For Wisconsin natives Julie and Ted Spillius, summers are meant to be spent at the lake.  Both of their parents had North Woods properties when they were children, so they dreamed of having a cabin where daughters Katie, Jackie and Stephanie could enjoy that same special summer experience.

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To Do It All Again

Applecreek Great Room     Applecreek Exterior

Log Home Living - 2009

For this Michigan couple, achieving the perfect log home was hardly beginner's luck - the second time was, indeed, the charm.

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Refuge in the Wilderness

Tadmor Springs Exterior     Tadmor Springs Great Room

Country's Best Annual Buyers Guide - 2009

The log home way of life is in the Sangmeisters' blood.  Charles grew up in Philadelphia with fond memories of vacationing in a log home and never forgot the warm feeling it created.  Lana grew up in Montana and says log homes, along with the great outdoors, are part of her heritage - her grandparents started their family in a log home they built.

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Midwest Paradiso

Prairie Song Exterior     Prairie Song Fireplace

Log Home Living - May 2008

Midwestern and Tuscan styles are about as far apart aesthetically as, well, Iowa and Italy.  But Greg and Melanie Hicklin had a vision - or rather, dueling visions.  "My exposure to log cabins come from fishing in Canada, so I had something rustic in mind," says Greg.  But Melanie had other plans for the couple's getaway home, a short drive from their lives in Des Moines.  She has thinking of Tuscany, and figured an Italian country look could indeed work in a log home.

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One Floor Plan Four Ways


Log Home Design Ideas - October 2007

What do you get when you take one stock plan, four shrewd owners and lots of ingenuity?  Four very different log home designs that are as original as the people who live in them.

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All in the Family

Sawyer Fireplace     Sawyer Exterior

Log Homes Illustrated - September 2007

"My father loved being at the cabin, and he loved the outdoors," David remembers.  "On the wall of the living room, he had two shadow boxes with large writing:  'It's the beauty that thrills me with wonder; it's the stillness that fills me with peace.' That is the way he felt about being there with his family."

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Independence Day

Ashland Great Room     Ashland Exterior

Log Home Design - July 2007

With the kids grown and gone, an Iowa couple downsizes to a home that celebrates, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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Traditional Look, Traditional Approach

Livingstone Exterior     Livingstone Great Room

Country's Best Log Homes - May 2007

More than 25 years of research and planning went into a Pennsylvania log home

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Special Delivery

Callahan Exterior     Callahan Master Bedroom

Log Home Design Ideas - May 2007

Barbara Callahan will never forget the day she moved into her log home - her first child was born the very next night.

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Permanent Vacation

Crown Point Office     Crown Point Exterior

Log Homes Illustrated - May 2007

Anyone who relocates from the Chicago suburbs to a small, rural community in southwestern Michigan has to be a nature lover and a fan of four seasons.

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Invite a Crowd

Wyndham Dining Room     Windham Exterior

Log Home Living - August 2006

Romance and lofty notions of craftsmanship have their place, but sometimes the reason behind the building a log home is fairly simple:  it's a place to unwind and have fun with family and friends.

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Great Lakes Gracious

Fern Canyon Exterior     Fern Canyon Great Room

Country's Best Log Homes - May 2006

For years, Jill harbored the dream of a log home.  She often rode her horse past a beautiful example of gracious living in log and wished she could have her own.  The thought became so ingrained that when she married George Isken a few years ago, it was natural that she should share her hope with him.

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Northern Comfort

Commercial Log Restaurant Exterior     Log Restaurant Dining Room

Log Homes Illustrated - March 2006

When Jamie Maschmeyer opened his first restaurant, he drew on fond memories of his grandparents in northern Wisconsin, especially the rib-sticking food his grandmother cooked.  He wanted to offer that same food and in a setting reminiscent of Wisconsin's north woods.

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Heartland Classic

Big Sky Dining Room     Big Sky Exterior

Log Home Living - July 2005

"Log homes are cropping up all over the place here," says Jim, whose family has lived on the 140-acre farm (in a frame farmhouse) since the first settlers arrived in Iowa.  "People see them and decided they like them."

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Mountainaire Office     Mountainaire Exterior

Log Home Design Ideas - March 2005

Dentist Larry Warren enjoys building bridges.  Not too unusual, unless you consider that his most recent construction runs across a stream.  That bridge is just one of many stellar views that.  Larry and his wife Donna now enjoy from their log home in Greer, Arizona.

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Hilltop Haven

Willow Springs Porch     Willow Springs Dining Room

Log Homes Illustrated - March 2005

Roger and Kathryn did not necessarily intend to build a log home when they set out on their quest to establish a quiet place where thy could escape the pressures of their law practices in Boulder City, Nevada, and perhaps eventually retire.  All they knew for sure was that they wanted a large parcel of secluded land..

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Arizona Mountain Style

Casa Grande Exterior     Casa Grande Outdoor Fireplace

Country's Best Log Homes - September 2004

In the ever-growing population shift to the Southwest, Americans are drawn to the sunny climate and blue skies of Arizona, with the largest numbers focused on the south-central resort areas.  But there's increasing recognition that the pine-covered mountains farther north offer the same sunshine with a lot less summer heat.

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State of Mind

Log Home Illustrated - September 2004

Dreamcatcher Exterior     Dreamcatcher Master Bedroom

Everyone's idea of perfection is different.  When Jack and Judy McCarthy announced that they planned to retire to a remote lake in northern Minnesota, many of their best friends and closest relatives questioned why they would ever want to do such a thing.

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Showcase Home

<Maplecreek Staircase     Maplecreek Exterior

Country's Best Log Homes - September 2003

A couple and their builder worked long and hard - and with a lot of enthusiasm - to create a community showpiece.

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Long Range Planning

Clear Lake Dining Room     Clear Lake Exterior

Log Home Design Ideas  - Planning Guide 2003

After more than a decade of researching, planning and revising, this New Jersey couple spend lazy days in a log home designed for lake views - and how sweet it is..

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A World Away

Log Homes Illustrated - May 2003

Crown Point Entry     Crown Point Great Room

Conrad and Mary Golonka love wood.  They love wood furniture, wood ceilings and wood walls.  They filled their conventionally built home with all kinds of wood.  After installing oak paneling in the basement, they realized that the look they were really trying to achieve occurs naturally in a log home.  They decided to build one.  "A log home takes you back to a different time and place," Conrad says.  "There is an ambiance of creativity that just seems to fit who we are."

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North Woods Haven

Castlerock Exterior     Castlerock Dining Room

Country's Best Log Homes - September 2002

To Mark and Teresa, family is everything.  With five children and one on the way, the two have built their lives around the notion of living life to the fullest with everyone in tow.

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Lights, Camera, Log Home

Rustic Farmhousee Bedroom     Rustic Farmhousee Great Room

Log Home Design Ideas - September 2001

If you're like most people thinking about buying a log home, you've visited your share of model homes, read your share of literature and taken in your share of home shows.  But truth be told, no part of the research process can top actually stepping into a log home.  That mythic "warm feeling" takes over and the smell of wood invades your sense.

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