Log & Timber Profiles & Corner Styles

Exterior Outfitting

It's the details that set us apart.  Your choice of corner style will truly make your home a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Expedition Log & Timber Homes offers a great selection of log options to meet your needs.  From rustic to modern, you will find them here. 

Expedition Log Homes is one of the few companies that still hand-crafts their logs with a drawknife.  This authentic finishing technique is standard for  Expedition logs and brings out the natural beauty and character of the logs.

If you love the look of reclaimed barn wood - then you will love our timbers!  Available in circle sawn, hewn or planed finishes - our timbers are sure to hit the mark.  We cut them in our sawmill using the same type of circle saw that our forefathers used.

Take a look at our corner options and see how these unique and interesting styles lend an artistic quality to the homes they grace.

If you don't see what you are looking for contact us.  Our log craftsman create new styles inspired by our client's unique requirements.


Installing Half-Logs

Corner Styles

Full Round Butt & Pass Corner

Full Round Butt & Pass Corner

Our showcase corner style, the full-round log ends compliment the beauty of the butt & pass corners.

Traditional Butt & Pass Corner

Traditional Butt & Pass Corner

Recreate the "cabin in the woods" with this rustic butt & pass corner.  Log ends continue the "flat-on-flat" profile of the wall sections.

Handcrafted Saddlenotch

Handcrafted Saddlenotch Corner

Combines the rustic beauty of handcrafted logs with the intricate character of the saddlenotch corner.  Each log corner is notched to nestle into the adjoining corner providing a solid row of logs from both angles

Timber Dovetail

Timber Dovetail Corner

Enjoy the crisp, clean lines of the timber with the interesting interlocking dovetail corner.

D-Log Dovetail

D-Log Dovetail Corner

Our most recent full-log product.  Marriage of beautiful round logs with the solid dovetail corner.

Square Vertical

Square Timber Corner

Provides a low maintenance corner to dormers or a contemporary finish to the entire home.

Hand-Scribed Saddlenotch

Hand Scribed Saddlenotch Corner

Experience the beauty of a hand-scribed home with the benefits of the insulated log building method.

Round Vertical Post

Round Vertical Post Corner

Provides a low maintenance corner to dormers or a contemporary finish to the entire home.

Swedish Cope Saddlenotch

Swedish Cope Saddlenotch Corner

Admire the precision fit and distinctive beauty of this shaped corner.

There is just something special about all that wood.  It's the homey feeling - a good, comfortable feeling"  Daphne L.


"We love our beautiful home you helped create.  Whenever someone new to the house comes in, they walk about in awe and enjoy it as we do.  Thank you for everything."

Ann & Gus M.

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