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Design Services

Uniquely designed with your input.  Your ideas become an integral part of an overall building experience.  And the results are far from ordinary.  In fact, they're quite extraordinary.


Log & Timber Profiles & Corner Styles

Profiles & Corner Styles

It's the details that set us apart.  Whether you choose log, timber or something in between -  your choice of corner style will truly make your home a one-of-a-kind work of art.


Full Log Building System

Building Systems

We are proud to offer authentic hand-crafted logs and timbers in both our full log building system and energy efficient hybrid building systems to give you the best of both worlds for your home.


Thank you Expedition Log Homes,

 As our Log Home is coming together we are very pleased with pretty much everything.  Our subcontractors and visitors have also been very complimentary about our project, both the outside and inside.  It is both a very beautiful work of art and a very well built structure that should last for generations of our family.

The things we were not pleased with were a few issues with a couple of our subcontractors, but Expedition was not one of our problems.  In fact, Expedition did a lot of super things to help this project evolve into such a success.

We spent the better part of two years working with Nate on designs and redesigns.  There were no complaints about my continuous requests, rather Nate listened and understood what we were looking for and then added complementary features that we didn't think of.  Some of the best features of the home came from Nate.

Expedition also was excellent as a supplier.  The logs are very well done, and material deliveries were complete and timely.  Contracting with Expedition was an example of textbook project management.  Everything was clearly planned, documented, and delivered through the entire project.

We have NO regrets with choosing Expedition Log Homes as our supplier.

Rod and Eileen

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